Losing Key Packets 9005 Fix

If you are getting kicked by Punkbuster for Losing Key Packets 9005 then you need to update your PB services and/or disable firewall while playing.

1. Disable your anti virus/firewall for 15 minutes if you are using any.

2. Then download and update your Punkbuster using the PB Updated from Evenbalance.

Download Punkbuster Set Up from this page and run the exe to update your PB

Then re install Punkbuster services using below exe.

Click Me To Download Fix for PB Services

Install/Reinstall/update your PunkBuster Services

Follow those easy steps :

Clic here (Download pbsvc.exe from evenbalance.com)

Posted Image

Clic save file

Posted Image

double clic on pbsvc.exe

Posted Image

Clic on I agree

Posted Image

then Next

Some few test gonna start, to fix any problem with punkbuster installation

Posted Image

Click Finish.

While starting the game first time, please make sure you are running it as ‘admin’.

Right click on the game exe file -> Click on Properties -> Compability -> Select run this program as administrator -> Press Apply and then Ok.


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